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Stockton Heath Festival Art Exhibition 2023

Art exhibition 2023, St Thomas' Church, free (£1 programme)

Ever-popular Art Exhibition

The Art Exhibition is one of the much anticipated annual events, and is an opportunity for talented artists to feature their work in St Thomas’ Church, in the heart of Stockton Heath village. Prizes will be given to the pieces judged first and second and you can vote for your favourite piece for the Tudor Pole Award. Please buy a programme to obtain a voting slip.

Buying an original artwork
Most of the artwork is for sale for an affordable amount. To secure an original piece of art requires a minimum 10% deposit of the value of the work. This deposit is non-refundable and can be paid in cash or on a card. A sold sticker will be placed on the artwork on display, and buyers can collect their artwork on Sunday afternoon 2nd July at the close of the exhibition.

Refreshments are available and programmes can be bought at the door for £1.

The church is in the heart of Stockton Heath Village. Here’s how to find St Thomas’ Church, WA4 6HJ.

Thank you to Rotary Warrington for sponsoring this event.

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