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Thursday July 5th |

Festival Film Night – Suffragette (2015)

Suffragette, Stockton Heath Library, Thursday, 7.30pm, £5

SOLD OUT – please contact Lynn 07870 950769 for any reserve tickets. The online Box Office is now closed.
Little did the women who started on their journey to campaign for the right of women to vote know that their actions would lead them into the history books.
The 2015 historical drama set in London follows the path from peaceful protest and the many barriers they faced along the way, to the women becoming law breakers (and famously, window breakers, in Oxford Street).

The film’s characters centre around working class women including Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) and shopkeeper Edith Ellyn (Helena Bonham Carter), and founder Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep). It also covers the stories of the husbands who supported their wives, Mr Watts (Ben Wishaw), Mr Ellyn (Finbar Lynch) and Mr Haughton (Somuel West).

In celebration of 100 years since women got the vote this film is a must-see.

Note that there are only 40 tickets so early booking is recommended. Tickets are £5.

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